The #BuildforSDG program is committed to helping empower you to build real-world, locally and relevant solutions focused on the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) while gaining skills you need to advance your career.

With a goal to engage 7.5k developers, 2,565k developers so far have contributed to building projects that could impact their communities through the first Cohort of the #BuildforSDG challenge– Applicants participating in Cohort 2 will focus on industry-led projects that would give them real-world experience working on high-value, high-impact projects, improve their market-readiness and possibly kick-start an entrepreneurial journey through their projects.

Submitted Projects

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  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • GOAL 1: No Poverty
  • GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
  • GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
  • GOAL 2: Zero Hunger
  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
  • GOAL 4: Quality Education
  • GOAL 5: Gender Equality
  • GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
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Inspired by the poor quality of education in Nigeria, TeachersTurf helps connect qualified teachers with schools thus increasing access to good education.   Team members -Emmanuel -Olakunle boye -Uwem Uke -Oluwatobi Longe -Richard Iyama   Tools -PHP(Laravel) -React -Github -Github projects – Codacy -Sketch.com

Universal Payment and Services United for All(UPSUA)

UPSUA helps mobile phone holders to make national or international transactions. The application will also be a mobile banking for the user so that it can make bank operation anywhere in the world.

Zero Hunger

Our app, allows sellers buy products from farmers and sell at an affordable price to customers, our app aims to help people interested in agricultural.. this would, in turn, create more job opportunities and since food price on our app is controlled every one can afford food which should solve hunger.

Smart Power Grid

Inspired by the instability of power supply in our country, so we decided to find a quick way to salvage the situation through creating a robust smart app “It will help the power sector to in having direct access to users vice versa It will help the power consumers, pay their bills from their phones. […]

Road Rescue

We aspire to reduce and prevent road crash injuries and deaths in our community. Built to work on both Android and IOS platforms, our app allow its users to report cases of road injuries and deaths to authorized personnel. The authorities then take prompt action based upon the report received. The reports can also be […]

Farmer’s Hub

Our Project is inspired by the small scale farmers around iyana iba axis of Lagos state and how there produce get perished before they get to consumers one of our solutions is to help them with storage and preservative facilities. It will help minimize the farmers to minimize loss, the app will have USSD features […]


Inspired by the need to reduce unnecessary death when accidents happen, our application allows anyone, irrespective of their literacy to click a button a have access to all nearby emergency responders. It will also help educate the people in the community on what they should be aware of when driving.

Empower Farmer

My teams project is inspired by farmcrowdy how they connect farmers with sponsors. Our app connects farmers and sponsors to fund a farm, we help farmers to sell their product online and educational video or blog to educate the farmer

eTeachers Recruit

We believe in potential and talent. People from underdeveloped parts are producing despite the fact they have little or no resources at their disposal. People from developed parts of the World can speak good English and they can read and write. They have the best teachers around them. We want people in under developing parts […]


Our app grants access to anyone to learn a trade thereby having a source of income. It also gives access to other players to chose training they would want to sponsor for a bigger impact on lives.


Inspired by the difficulty SMEs in communities find to get funding for their business, GoBusiness will help connect investors to there SMEs. Our Web App will help SMEs to get funding for their business through Investors investing in them. The app showcases different SMEs for Potential Investors to invest in.

Lima Afri

Inspired by the lack of accessibility of food producers to different funds and opportunities, Lima Afri allows small food producers to access the different funds available so that they can continue producing enough food to alleviate hunger.


Inspired by the high rate of illiteracy and underdevelopment in most parts of Nigeria, Gadaput seeks to alleviate poverty.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven Mental health is something that many people overlook or take lightly but the reality is that people are suffering from depression, anxiety, Postpartum Depression, and so on. Making mental health care accessible to everyone can improve the quality of life. Our app enables anyone to have a quick discussion with a professional who [...]

Felt Teachers

My team project is to solve the low standard of education offered in most developing countries. The project will provide an avenue that allows qualified teachers to set foot in the classrooms and follow the best practices used in developed countries when it comes to training students. Our app will allow only teachers who are [...]


Inspired by Udemy, our project aims to bypass limitations caused by poverty and lack of physical resources towards the availability of qualified teachers. We will build a content hosting platform where full teaching courses can be accessed flexibly and affordably.

Helow project

Helow stands for HElp is On the Way. My team was motivated by the passion to save lives on the highways from road accidents bearing in mind that accidents are quite unavoidable. However, it should not be a death sentence. We want to mitigate the mortality rates by developing a smart report/response system on the […]


Our team project draws inspiration from the Kenyan education system. At the moment, there is a shortage of qualified teachers because students are not motivated to choose teaching as a career, our project seeks to motivate and bridge the gap by creating a jobs portal and international collaboration where the teachers can have an exchange […]


WasteCoin Inspired by the current environmental challenges faced throughout the world, the wastecoin team took the time to evaluate how our individual action or inaction has contributed to the challenges we are facing. The team then decided on a project that would facilitate waste reduction and encourage waste recycling. Wastecoin is modeled to be far [...]


The inspiration behind my team project comes from the idea of creating a platform that would make money easy to handle and move around through handling bills payment, sending money to family or friends, making business payments, and also for the civilized world, making insurance easier get. One doesn’t have to go to the bank […]


Farmzone is inspired by the need to bring farmers in remote farms/areas a market within their reach. On farmzone, they can sell to regular users who are looking for affordable produce. Connecting the two with service providers is the inspiration behind our project. Accessible on a laptop or pc, farmzone allows farmers to have an […]

I am Not Crazy Just Sick

I am Not Crazy Just Sick In Countries like Cameroon, when people have mental diseases, they are categorized like fools, victims of witchcraft or traditions, and not as sick people, and because of that few tries to access medical assistance... and you know the consequences... Fight against ignorance about mental health (disease/care) Fight Stigmatization of [...]


TeachersTurf was inspired by the poor quality of education in Nigeria which leads to the employment of expatriates from other countries. To help connect qualified teachers with schools and also increase access to a good education.

Okoa Farmer

Okoa farmer’s inspiration is the low to no incomes farmers have if their yield is low. The app is meant to give farmers a platform to lease out their land and equipment when they are not making use of them. This app connects farmers to lease seekers who can provide an alternative source of income […]

Cognito – Save a trafficked child

Child trafficking is rampant and seen as ‘normal’ routine or lifestyle for many fishing communities in the Western and Volta regions of Ghana. Aside from fishing duties, some children at various parts of the country are subjected to harsh conditions, depriving them of their basic human rights. The Ministry of Gender and Social welfare has […]

Farmer’s hub

Our Project is inspired by the small scale farmers around iyana iba axis of Lagos state and how their produce perishes before they get to consumers. One of our solutions is to help them with storage and preservative facilities. It will help minimize the farmers to minimize lost, the app will have USSD features which […]


Our team aspires to develop a sustainable financial system that would help simplify the access to financial services such as loan distribution and foster innovative SME funding models. M-Uwezo is a tech solution that addresses the creation of accessible and inclusive financial systems for SME. This solution enables access to financial services across communities, ease-off, […]


Agricultural business is one of the most import activities with the potential for growth and development which involves production, distribution, and consumption. One of the major problems of agricultural business is middlemen. Middlemen raise prices for consumers while underpaying farmers, leaving farmers poor and unproductive. Farmers encounter high production costs in their effort to boost […]


We were inspired by the increasing road accidents and the inaccessibility of passersby to be able to report or raise awareness of such. The major product owner of this tech solution in this case would be the State Government. This solution will help in increasing their response rate to road injuries and death as opposed […]


Our inspiration is from the stigma mentally ill people face and how to reduce the stigma and make mental health services more accessible to all people at the community level as well without discrimination or stigmatization. Our web application will make all individuals with a device with access to the internet to get the services [...]


My team project is inspired by various thriving communities, who can come together to help each other, create connections, and share solutions to problems they are facing. Our project aims to connect farmers, to create a community where knowledge can be shared about farming practices, and also put the farmers in a profitable value chain […]


The emergence of mobile money in Kenya provided the un-banked Kenyan population with a platform to move money. Regardless the same population has limited access to financing yet we have banks, micro-finance institutions, and individual Shylocks lending money. Women form a large proportion of the un-banked population and need access to financing. It is why […]


My team’s project is inspired by the Sustainable Development Goal of Education, particularly the need for a substantial increase in the supply of qualified teachers in our community, Nigeria, a developing country. Our app connects teachers in primary and secondary schools with international co-operations for training and certification while offering trained & certified teachers to […]


My team’s project was inspired by the need to reduce unnecessary death when accidents happen as well as creating a quick link between the people and emergency responders. Our application allows anyone, irrespective of their literacy to click a button and have access to all nearby emergency responders. It will also help educate the people […]


Our project is inspired by unemployment in our community. We seek to build an app that matches jobs/gigs to employees/freelancers with the catch being a wider skill set that covers work/services not only available online. Inspired by freelancer.com upwork.com and Craig’s list


My team decided to solve the problem of waste in our community. The inspiration came after we discovered that not many people are well informed about the subject of waste management. Our project educates users about waste management. They are able to learn how to sort waste products and locate the nearest recycling center to […]


SMEs are a major part of the growth of the economy since they provide most of the jobs available but they face a major problem accessing investments which would make them more productive and help them grow faster. Governments, corporations, and individuals can provide investments/funding to these SMEs, but there is a need for a […]


My team’s project is inspired by the current stressful process people pass through to move from one location to another and how this process is even worst for vulnerable people and those with disabilities also. “Our App(Fasta) will help our community and the world at large by doing the following FASTA will support travelers by […]


The general lack of qualified teachers in our community and the under-employment of qualified teachers in our community led us to create a platform for teachers to learn and to up their teaching skills. The platform will also allow qualified teachers can be recruited thereby reducing the unemployment rate.


Our project is inspired by the high rate of death cases from road injuries due to low response from the emergency team. It allows individuals to help contact response thing whenever there are injuries.   Tools: Angular APP Link: https://buildforsdg.github.io/Team-006-Frontend/


“In our country Kenya, denial of quality and needed services is rampant, plagued by inefficiencies, sub-par project and resource delivery or just outright ignorance of laid down procedures of handling problems and carving solutions. This leads to a failure of amenities due to inferior product outline and implementation for both tangible assets such as roads, […]


The need for a more flexible and transparent revenue collection system. It will offer the public a simplified way to pay for different local government fees such as parking, business registration, e.t.c using different online methods. It will also track the expenditure, thus sealing loopholes and easing auditing.

Code Of Honor

Code Of Honor The "CODE OF HONOR" refers to moral codes, ethics, values and rules to help restore, reform, re-plan, re-make, remold, re-establish, and re-structure Africa on the right path of Peace, Justice and strong institution. This can be done by taking allegiance to the code of honor, whereby taking action and instilling the codes [...]


My teams project is inspired by love. I noticed that majority of the population lack the right information that could alter decisions made at certain points in life. Greed, Hatred and Jealousy all stem from unawareness of emotional intelligence, teachers teach without a deep understanding of the subliminal messages being passed from body language and […]

We Haven’T Decided On A Specific Name Yet

My team is inspired by the perennial land problems we’ve had since the country gained independence. Our platform uses blockchain which ensures transactions are trackable and secure. For a land transfer or records modification to be successful all actors in the sector need to approve using a unique smart contract key.


Agriculture is a major stakeholder in our economy and as a result a majority of the population relies on agricultural backed commerce. From growing to selling crops in the market stall. But with large levels of subsistence farming and poor infrastructure it’s mostly middle men that control and benefit from delivering agricultural produce to the […]

Medical Health Assisted Diagnosis (Mhad)

There are thousands of people living with high level of depression which they do not know. Many that knew did not know how to go about it thus lead to complex mental health. This project is created to help people of the society who might be going through depression at different level to be able […]

Safe Road

My teams project is inspired by number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents. This is a big challenge especially in Nigeria. Nowadays most people avoid road trips due to fear of unforeseen danger. Our application focuses more on prevention of road traffic accident. We are working on features such as alert systems, […]

Career Development

Many people go through school and don’t get enough skill training which contributes to unemployment. Our platform will contribute to skill training and improve employment chances. People can use the app to find the right skill training institute closest to them, investors and any other service provider to enhance their chances of setting up a […]

Farm Konect

My team project is inspired by how the local farmers, face the issue of farm product spoil without been sell, and little profit or not even getting the profit on their product. And the transportation of there product. It's an e-market platform whereby local farmers get direct contact with the customers, buyers (industries) in ease. [...]

Road Toll Revenue Collector

Road Toll Revenue Collector My team's project is motivated by the urgent need of the government of Ghana to improve revenue collections.  One such avenue for improved revenue collection is the tolling of roads and this project aim at providing a solution that automates the collection of road tolls and at the same time eliminates [...]


My teams project is inspired by the idea of traditional african marketplaces, where farmers would gather produce from farms and bring them to the community for sale on arranged days. Our application creates a platform where anyone can interact directly with the local farmer and farming community through marketplace events and private purchase orders. It […]

Emergency App

My team project is inspired by the increase in road accident across Nigeria, we are trying to provide solution that can help reduce road accident and makes communication easier during road or house hold emergency.

Emergencies Tracking And Aid

The death toll as a result of road accidents are on a high, also data collection about these accidents isn’t done efficiently usually due to delays in emergency responders reaching the scene, as well as delays in even dispatching responders to the right location. We seek to build a solution where citizens with an app […]


We decided to keep it withing the team name for now Create an opportunity for farmers to access revenue

Good-Health-(Server Or Client)

we thought about how many accidents that has been happening and how it all goes unnoticed. people what to talk about it and we what to enable them and also render help by given then all the list of hospitals closest to them when this events happens Our app helps anyone in need of health […]


There was no inspiration. We chose from a list of projects provided by you. We simply choose a problem we had experienced several times either directly or indirectly and could relate to. Our solution will allow authorities to react faster to accident reports and also Identify major accident areas, the causes of the accidents there […]


Current status of mental health especially during covid-19 pandemic This project aims at creating a forum that addresses that by addressing social and geographical isolation experienced by forum members, creating social connection for forum members and providing information & practical advice for forum members


According to data from the UN, 1 billion people live in slums globally. However, these are only estimates. The lack of quality data on the actual proportion of people living in slums or who don’t have adequate housing makes it extremely difficult for policymakers to make informed and inclusive decisions on how to create interventions […]


My team project is inspired by the research made by UNICEF on how many female has been a victim of female gender mutilation and forced marriage Our project allows anyone irrespective of their education background to report suspected cases of people practicing the female gender mutilation and also those who are victims can report . […]


With the increased rate of unemployment in Kenya and also the increased competencies of the students that our universities and colleges churn out each year, there is a surplus of labor, which can be termed as the most valuable resource that a developing nation needs to grow and come out of poverty. With this in […]

Waste Recycling

My teams project is inspired by the challenges faced by Nigeria and other neighboring countries in effectively managing and recycling waste and also the potential benefit it can bring to the people. Our app would help to curb the adverse effect of waste mismanagement in communities and the world at large. The app also provides […]

Emergency Response System

My teams project is inspired by the need to have quick emergency responses to accident scenes other than eye witnesses My teams project aims to reduce accident casualties as a result of delayed or unprofessional assistance to accident victims


My team’s project is inspired by the difficulties SMEs experience while sourcing for funds to grow their business. We figured out that lack of transparency and monitoring of their implementation of funds when received could also be a deterrent to organizations and agencies that might be willing to contribute funds to SME businesses Our project […]


Devdata DevData was inspired by the problem defined for project 1 under SDG no.17 - Partnership for the goals, and for the fact that where the problem lies most is Africa. So we thought, we can't provide all the data needed but if we can just pick a sector, or even less than a sector, [...]

Safer road

Project “Safer Road” is inspired by the implication of bad roads, reckless driving from road users across the country. Road accidents have become a normal and re-occurring phenomenon in Nigeria which constitutes a menace in modern times. Although both the developed and developing nations of the world have suffered from varying degrees of road accidents, […]

Teachers Hub

My teams project is inspired by the need to raise numbers of qualified teachers in our communities Our application will allow any teacher to get access to online course material, enroll for the courses and receive a certificate of completion.It will also allow the teacher to interact with other teachers and mentors in order to […]


Bribery and Corruption have been a major cause of setback for developing countries like Nigeria, and the current epidemic would be a channel for massive looting of public funds. We want to encourage the building of a transparent and people inclusive government, which will in turn lead to a society where peace and justice is […]


My teams project is inspired by the current situation of the world in terms of seeking medical attention and how difficult it could be to get to a doctor. . Our app allows people to be able to search for the closest doctor in their locality and get in contact with the doctor, most especially […]


The problem is that most farmers don’t get full value for their produce either they are desperate for money which procurement companies can exploit for lower prices for the farmers produce. Our Solution involves giving advise on best agriculture practice to farmers such as planting in the right way. The solution will bore the burden […]


One of the members in my team, femi by name, is actually a farmer and frontend developer, he understands that farmers lack exposure to research organisation, investments from international organization, little or no access to research institute to engage farmers, no gene banking processes to preserve crops, and poor farming practices. So these are challenges […]


The inspiration for our project came from the need to resolve some of the observed problems of the agricultural sector. Specifically, many people who wish to farm do not have information about available lands or the prices. Also, the people who have lands but do not know people who need the lands. The FarmLord solution [...]


My team hopes to support continued access to treatment for people living with mental health conditions by measuring their mental health conditions and connecting them to a mental health expert.

Tools: ReactJS, PHP

We Have Not Chosen A Name Yet

My teams projects was inspired by the fire accident that burned series of cars in Lagos last year. If some one had reported the initial accident, cars that were driving towards that location won’t have been caught up in the inferno and then numerous of deaths that occur during road accident that would have been […]

Mental Remedy

My team’s project aims to create a platform for connecting patients suffering from mental disorders to specialists who can help them. Our app assists Specialists to get their profiles and services publicly available to patients in need after verification of their registration and licensing requirements. Patients/users can book appointments online with the specialists available, ask […]


Need*Change is inspired by social media response to disaster occurrence, In an era where pandemics like Covid-19 and disasters are prone to happen..Disaster preparedness and community effort is required , My team is developing a crowd-sourcing and crowdfunding platform for people to rally funds and resources for a realtime response to immediate needs and tracking […]


In Cameroon many development projects either remain on paper, executed poorly or end mid-way execution, funds are allocated for these projects. The failure of public projects slows down the development of the country and many times with no accountability to the tax payer. Most projects fail due to misappropriation of public funds by government officials, […]

Paytax App

After much research and advice from tax agents. the government already have an automated system for registering , calculating tax, and tracking tax payments from bodies. But we can enhance this process of tax collection with application that allows for an online seamless transaction. Our app focuses on enhancing the tax payment system with an […]


My Team’s project is inspired by Emergency Response Services. We believe deaths that occur at the scene of the accident or en-route to the hospitals after an accidents, can be prevented when emergency services are notified early, therefore, improving response time. Our App allows users to insert the location of the accident and a brief […]

Mentalcause Project

Our team realized that we all knew someone who knew someone who had a mental health or suspected they had one, but even with all the knowledge about it, could not consult an expert. This problem inspired us to find a way to connect the specialists to the patients. As the project grows, our system […]


The inspiration behind my team project is the need to provide economy security for all with a resultant effect of enhancing humanity The smeih app will give persons in my community the opportunity to start that long awaited business he/she has been planning with no finance to carry out, by accessing finance to start from […]


My team’s project is inspired by the difficulties faced by farmers in selling their produce and the wastage caused by this. Our project focuses on creating Market Opportunities for the farmers. We are building platform that connects farmers to wholesalers/manufacturers (anyone that needs bulk purchase), while also providing optional Transportation and Insurance Services to ease […]


My team’s project is inspired by the works of many in the NGO sector such as Hope Foundation, Nurturing God’s Treasures, NAZA Agape Foundation, Gracit Foundation and Talent Mine Academy, who go all out to empowering the underprivileged with knowledge and skills needed to thrive in information age With access to live video, still image […]

Road Assistant

Road Assistant Our project is inspired by the numerous road accidents that took people's lives without good reason. Accidents that could be prevented, deaths that could have been avoided but due to the in-availability of proper education, information and communication systems, nothing could have been done. This app simply avoids, alerts, informs, monitors and reports [...]


My team's project is inspired by the huge rate of mortality in highways where making contact in cases of accident or death might be difficult, we saw that in most cases victims die due to late emergency responses, and therefore proffer a solution, this would not just cut down the rate of mortality but will [...]


Overflowing garbage in various localities in community areas Our application allows homesteads and communities to stay clean through an improved way that garbage collection agencies can use to respond to waste accumulation in real time


Our project is inspired by the SDGs statistics – suicide remains the second-highest cause of death among people aged 15 to 29 globally, with 79 percent of suicides found in low- and middle-income countries. We believe we can create a solution to bridge the gap. An intuitively-designed web application that can connect mental health specialists […]


Looking at the situation affecting the world, I think health is something one should Focus on at the moment. In Africa we have a lot of reckless drivers and bad health system. We intend to leverage technology to reduce the gap on health care and also add it as a plus to climes with good […]

Farmers Edge

I come from agricultural zone in Kenya. I see small scale farmers ending up with low income at the end of season as a results of low productivity. Our app should solve shortage of food by helping farmers increase their productivity and income, thus contributing to realization of Zero Hunger SDG. The app helps in […]


We believe in potential and talent. We are I spiredcby what people from underdeveloped parts are producing despite the fact they have little or no resources at their disposal People from developed part of World can speak good english and they can read and write. They have the best teachers around them. We want people […]

The Agro-Network

The terrible lapses in food and agro-product supply chain in Nigeria due to the covid-19 pandemic, this led to the horrible spike in the cost and low availability of foodstuff in the market It will help bridge the gap and cost due to the lapses in the food & Agro-supply chain between the upstream (farmers/producers) […]


The team is inspired by the number of lives lost to road accidents on Nigerian highways due. Some deaths are preventable or avoidable if there is a timely response from rescue agencies. Our app is focused on automating the Road Accident Maintanance Agency (RAMA) form filled by passengers at the park before taking off. The […]

Capital Farm

Our project is inspired by the rich and fertile African lands with the capacity to feed the world for generations if Agribusiness was given expert knowledge, farming and food production equipment, access to investors, access to lands for sale/lease and access to markets through a centralized network of food production stakeholders Our Project would provide […]

Smart City

The project aims to connect artisans with customers to enable customers link upwith tradesmen and enable the artisans easily accessible. Our app allows anyone who access artisans with different skills easily access customers who require thier technical services.


My team’s project i inspired by teachers in the developing countries they just get the basic education, Majority of them do not aspire to acquire more education so as to e updated with the most recent trend. Our app allows teachers and mentors to interact from all over the world, at the end of each […]


VirtualSchool is inspired by the increased access to Internet in Africa. Yet schools are still using manual methods like record keeping. And lack of alternative platforms for teaching Our application will allow anyone to be able to access basic education at a cost of few data bundles


My team’s project is inspired by the various issues people have building wealth and getting necessary financial support from thrift and cooperative societies that exist or are a part of. It will encourage and help people to leverage on building wealth with others amongst instilling the desire to use other people’s money to scale up […]

Voting App Project

To make voting a free and fair one for each citizen Everyone will be able to vote from the comforts of their homes and anywhere they are.

Farmers Expand

My teams project is inspired from the unavailability of fresh farm produce to the modern cities. Therefore building a platform to connect the local farmers (the source of fresh farm produce) to the modern market at large without reducing the freshness of the farm produce. Hence our motto is “if it is not fresh we […]

Suite Of Hunger Solutions

The team’s project is inspired by the passion to reduce hunger rate and improve the lives of those who have been working hard to provide food while earning little. Our app helps to reduce the rate of people going to work or bed hungry, rate of food wastage while also ensuring appropriate distribution of food […]


My team is passionate about providing Small and Medium Enterprises a chance to thrive in Nigeria, and a huge part of that chance is access to funding. The goal for the platform is to simply be a launchpad that provides SMEs the financial power they need to “leap” and become larger enterprises. The effects of […]


We are aware of the society we live in Nigeria where bribery and corruption is the order of the day especially in government parastatas and public institutions. People are deprived of their rights and privileges because they can not bribe their way out. What makes it difficult is that the government which should serve as […]

Go organic

Go organic Our project is inspired by trying to increase food production in developing countries, but not only increase food production, but to increase the rate of clean food production by giving farmers access to vital information about organic farming through USSD and web app, and also linking them with direct markets for highly in-demand [...]

Iteach Initiative

My teams project is inspired by the poor quality of education given to the African kids in the rural communities ranging from childhood education to higher educations. Our software is for gathering teachers and would be teachers into one network and empowered by International Organizations that are rapporteurs for Quality Education, to train, educate, sensitize […]


Having an idea and not having the funds to execute it is one of the killers of SMEs, the number of great ideas that haven’t seen the light of day is our inspiration behind this project. Our app will encourage loans and funds to be made available to SMEs. Our transparent funds tracking system will […]


My team considered that we all have wastes generated daily in our home, offices and markets. We put into consideration the truck pushers who help dispose of waste but are not regulated. Therefore, a digital way to order for one’s waste at home or office to be picked up and properly disposed of will be […]


My team’s project is inspired by Nigerian businesses and the edge their international counterparts have over them due to ignorance or underutilization of the available technologies Our app allows businesses, government and corporations identify software tools pivotal to the success of their operations.

Upsua(Universal Payment And Services United For All)

The inspiration behind the project is the difficulty of making online payment when only have mobile phone for mobile payment. We also facing the problem of receive or send money from/to other country. We want to facilitate that kind of operation and make it be in real-time. We also want persons that only have mobile […]


My team’s project was inspired because of the amount of waste produced globally, and not recycled which as added to increase in global warming, because of increase in waste incineration and waste dumping into open water bodies. Our mobile application gives access to industries and individuals who produce waste to be able to convert their […]


The Inspiration behind my team’s project is a personal one. I, the team lead have lived and is living with people that have suffered some form of mental challenge at different points in time, and as we discussed, it turns out my team members can relate as well – so among the projects we suggested, […]


Once upon a time, the ratio of teachers to students is greater than 1/15 and there was no one in the teaching profession that wasn’t certified and qualified; which was the reason children was compelled and given incentives to attend school. Now, the ratio of registered and qualified teachers globally when compared to the population […]


Increasing number of preventable fatal road accidents in Ghana . Over speeding is the major cause of fatal road accidents in Ghana. Our app monitors and alert users of over speeding in real time during their travel and users can take corrective action to lower their speed within speed limits to prevent accident. A risk […]

Universal Literacy Tracker

The team’s project is inspired by the lack of enough information about how many people are literate over the world and their level of education. There is lack of information on how to predict the effects of trends on the literacy statistics. Our app allows the governmental and non governmental organizations, other stake holders and […]

Crowdfunding Platform For Youths Empowerment

During this ongoing covid-19 pandemic, there has been robbery attacks in various parts of Lagos state by a gang called one million gang. I saw videos of people crying who were attacked, in various social media. I saw the youths arrested on TV. I was not happy. I pitied these young boys I felt these […]

Tax Payment Collection

My Team project is inspired to provide and improve people and private partnerships and collaboration with the government in solving Tax and revenue collection and remittance. Our Platform allows anyone, regardless of their literacy level, to participate in Tax payment and revenue collection as well as how Tax and revenue are utilized, we help government […]

Donate a seed

We got our inspiration from the fact that we have a lot of land available that is not in use for farming. We will use the initiative to give seedlings to farmers to enable larger farm produce Repo link Application Link Tools Python MySQL Html & css Javascript Bootstrap


Our project is inspired by the high occurrence of road crashes on Nigerian roads due to bad roads and resulting fatalities due to the slow response of emergency responders. Our app alerts road users within range of a crash to the presence of said crash. It also alerts emergency responders and supplies prior information of [...]


Silos The Inspiration was to have an e-commerce market place specifically for food producers to display their produce. In the long run, it will boost food production and help eliminate hunger.   Tools: ReactJs, NodeJs APP Link


COVID 19 lockdown had caused a lot of hunger and had brought down the income of various farmers in many places in Nigeria and in the world at large. Our solution is a very simple web-based application that connects farmers, consumers and farm investors. Farm produce consumers can get farm materials from our app with [...]


Chicken-Farm-Ke My team's project is inspired by Twiga Foods but aims to provide a mechanism for linking farmers to markets so that we have the motivation to grow food crops and a guaranteed market and or storage facilities to ensure that there isn't lack of food. We see disorder in the nation in times like [...]